Bond construction update
West Salem High School

April 2021
Voters passed a bond measure in 2018 to fund improvements for Salem-Keizer Public
Schools. The bond will support some level of improvement at every school in the district.
West Salem High School will receive nearly $34 million in additions and renovations to
expand career and technical (vocational) education and science opportunities, increase
safety and security, prepare for future enrollment growth, increase support for special
education and music and protect the public’s investment in the school building.
Highlights of the work happening at West include:
• 20 new classrooms
• Two new science labs
• Two expanded spaces for CTE programs, such as Fire Science
• A commons expansion, which will also serve as a multipurpose space
• A large parking expansion
• Additional music support spaces
• Expanded locker rooms
• A new black box theater
• Electronic badge access system upgrades and more
BRIC Architecture and the district project management team are finished with the design
process and have created the final drawings that a construction contractor will use to
build and improve the spaces at our school. The district project management team is now
working through the process to select a contractor for West’s construction project.
Construction is scheduled to start this summer. As the time for construction approaches,
you may notice staging activities for construction taking shape on campus, such as
fencing or temporary traffic flow adjustments. Construction is expected to be
substantially complete early in the fall of 2022.
Thanks to the community’s support of the bond, West Salem High School will soon have
improvements to support a safer learning environment and additional space to support
CTE program opportunities, special education and science education!
A list of projects happening at West can be found on the district website. For more
information about bond-funded construction in Salem-Keizer Public Schools, please visit