Greetings, Titan Fans!

Salem-Keizer SD is excited to begin allowing visiting spectators at outdoor varsity athletic events beginning today, Thursday, March 18!  Our coaches have a limited number of tickets that will be allotted to visiting spectators for each away event, and tickets will be distributed by the visiting team coaches. Tickets will be required for both home and visiting spectators at all athletic events. 

At this time, visiting spectators will only be allowed at outdoor varsity events, with the hope to expand to sub-varsity events after the return from spring break.  Visiting spectators will also need to secure a ticket from their school’s coach before arriving at the away event.  Coaches will typically distribute tickets to athletes in the days prior to the event.

As a reminder, with the limited number of spectators allowed at athletic competitions this year, all SKPS football/soccer stadiums will provide free streaming to all SKPS families through the end of the school year through the NFHS Network.

Streaming is currently available at all high school main stadiums and will be soon be available in all high school main gyms. To access the stream, visit to set up a free account.

If you have additional questions, please contact your team coach or athletic director, Bill Wittman.

Thank you!