1. Hang up the gown. Many of the wrinkles will shake out but some pressing may be necessary.
  2. Wear the cap flat on the head with the tassel at the right and the long part of the crown to the back. The tassel should be attached to the caps edge with a bobby pin to keep it in position.
  3. Keep your cap on during the entire ceremony—even during the national anthem. The tassel always remains on the right side until told to change at the end of the graduation ceremony. Caps may be decorated as long as it is appropriate.  If it is inappropriate, the cap will be taken and the student will be given a new one.
  4. Do not carry flowers, stuffed animals, cameras, etc.
  5. Students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or those who exhibit uncooperative behavior, will not be permitted to march or to participate in the planned ceremonies.
  6. Caps should not be thrown in the air at the end of the ceremony.




On Wednesday, June 9, graduation rehearsal will begin promptly at your scheduled practice time on the West Salem Football field.  Those who do not attend this practice cannot march.  Do not bring your cap and gown to rehearsal.  We have an hour and a half window of time for the rehearsal.  We need everyone’s cooperation to be prepared for the ceremony.

  1. Absolutely no children, guests, or pets are allowed at practice.
  2. Rehearsal will be held on Wednesday, June 9. Practice time will correspond to the same time you signed up for your graduation ceremony.  Example: 9:30 a.m. ceremony on Thursday, June 10, your practice time will be 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 9.  DO NOT MAKE CONFLICTING APPOINTMENTS.    If you do not participate in practice, you cannot march.
  3. At practice, we will review: formal marching, reading of names, issuing of diplomas.

Senior Awards

Certificates from senior banquet and senior awards will be handed out at the senior gala, or they can be picked up in the main office after June 5.


Teachers will distribute program/club cords to students who have earned them.


Stoles will be handed out during graduation.



Diplomas will be handed out at practice.  Students will pick up the diploma cover during the graduation ceremony.



If you would like to purchase a yearbook you can order one while supplies last.  The cost is $60.00 until June 1. Orders can be placed online at https://skpay.salkeiz.k12.or.us/

Distribution date for the yearbook has not been determined at this time.


Graduation Tickets

Seating will be limited.  Each senior will receive 4 tickets.  The tickets will be handed out during graduation practice.   If additional tickets are needed, it is suggested that you contact classmates for extras.  The school does not have extras.  Please remember when contacting classmates that they are scheduled for the same ceremony time as it is limited seating per session.

If you need handicap seating, it is available on a first come, first served basis in the stadium.  


Ceremony Times:

9:30 a.m. – Group 1

11:00 a.m. – Group 2

2:00 p.m. – Group 3

3:30 p.m.- Group 4

5:00 p.m. – Group 5


  1. Be at West on Thursday 45 minutes prior to your ceremony time. Go to the line-up area near the concession stand.  Graduates will line up for the processional twenty minutes prior to your ceremony time in a single file line.
  2. There is not a place to put purses and personal belongings. Leave them with your parents or at home.
  3. Admission into the football stadium will begin ½ hour prior to your ceremony time. Tickets will be required for all guests.  Please keep in mind you may need to wait until the stadium can be cleared and cleaned before entering.  Thank you for your patience.
  4. Parents are not to enter the line-up area for seniors.
  5. Guests are to remain seated throughout the commencement and are expected to remain for the entire program, which is estimated to last 50 minutes. A professional photographer will take a picture of each senior as diplomas are received.


Social Distancing Guidelines

Graduates will be required to wear a mask. After they have lined up near the concession stands, they will go out onto the turf where chairs will be positioned 3 ft apart. When students come to get their diploma, they will be the only one on the stage at that given time with staff. Students will walk across the stage and they will pick up their diploma cover that will be on a table. The administration on the stage will stand back and will be wearing masks. Students will exit the stage and a picture will be taken. They will then  walk on the track in front of the stands where parents are and then back to their seats. Once the ceremony is done, students will exit the stadium and be on their own to go home.

Parents/Guests will be seated in the stadium and are encouraged to wear masks and bring their own.  If you are unable to keep the 3ft minimum social distance requirement, a mask is required.


TBD – This will be communicated once we have additional information.



Graduation Pictures

Lifetouch will take pictures of each graduating senior. Grads will be mailed a proof of their commencement photo to their home mailing address as well as to the parent email address.

If a graduate would like to provide an email address different from the one on file with the school district they can log onto the website at:

Search for: event type >Graduation, State >Oregon, City: Salem, click >find

The list will populate, select the 2021 option and fill out the “request an email” form.


Final Transcript Requests

Final transcript requests for two or four-year colleges may be ordered online under the school website under Counseling, Transcript Request.  These transcripts are needed by colleges to prove high school completion.


Capital Community Media
Capital Community Media (CC:Media) will be televising all Salem-Keizer high school graduation ceremonies live on Comcast, and live streaming on their website. DVDs, Blu-rays and digital downloads will also be available for purchase beginning May 15th. The week following graduation ceremonies, programs will be available to view on demand at www.capitalcommunitymedia.org


Tickets are on sale now at www.titangradparty.com/tickets

Consider purchasing one and paying for another student’s ticket. Email us at westsrgradparty@gmail.com for financial assistance, we want all grads to celebrate!

For more information and updates, visit titangradparty.com

Questions? Email westsrgradparty@gmail.com