Committed to dismantling racist structures

At this point, there’s  no question that what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was horribly and criminally wrong. What happened to Breonna Taylor is Louisville while she slept was an egregious and wrongful act of violence. What has happened time and time again across our country to our Black community and our communities of color is not just unjust, but it’s emblematic of long-standing structures that succeed only because of systemic racism.

As educators, we have been charged to evaluate our own biases and understand those as we work to ensure that every single child has the opportunity to grow in an environment where systemic barriers are removed.

Simply put, we want to ensure racism and racist structures don’t prevent students from learning, growing, achieving and graduating.

We are also taking steps to ensure that we, as adults, understand what it means to be anti-racist and to take action to be anti-racist. We understand these are big changes; however, we also understand that if we don’t have these conversations now, we’re failing a generation.

West Salem High School is committed and recommits to dismantling racist structures so all students can learn and grow in a safe and welcoming environment.