Dear Salem-Keizer Families,

As students begin the 2020-21 school year, it’s important that our students who plan to participate in Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) sports and/or activities are aware of, and follow requirements for eligibility.

The OSAA does have minimum academic requirements for participation. SKPS students must meet ALL of the following minimum OSAA academic requirements as:

______    Enrollment
Students must be enrolled in at least 1.5 credits (three of four classes) during the quarterly grading period of the season they wish to participate.


_______    Credits Earned, Previous Grading Period
Students must have earned (passed), at least 1.5 credits during the previously transcripted quarter.


_______    On-track to Graduate

Upon entering the 2020-21 school year, students need to have earned at least:

  • Sophomores (Grade 10): 4.5 credits
  • Juniors (Grade 11): 0 credits
  • Seniors (Grade 12): 5 credits

These requirements are in place for all SKPS students, including students participating in the EDGE Online Program who plan to participate in sports or activities with their home school.

All students who wish to participate in any OSAA sports must have a current OSAA sports physical on file with their school, which must remain current throughout the entire participation season. OSAA sports physical forms can be found on the OSAA website.

If you are not sure if you or your child will meet any of these OSAA eligibility requirements, please contact the Athletic Director at your home school. If you feel that although you do not meet any of the above requirements, participation eligibility should be granted due to individual circumstance, there is an OSAA eligibility appeal process that your Athletic Director can assist you with.

McKay                       503-399-3080

McNary                        503-399-3238

North                      503-399-3241

South                   503-399-3252

Sprague             503-399-3261

West                           503-399-5533

As a reminder, all SKPS athletics and activities are on a modified moratorium period until Oct. 4, 2020. More information about the modified moratorium period can be found on the district website.